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ASUS VP228QG Gaming Monitor

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ASUS_VP228QG_Gaming_MonitorHad to get myself a new PC monitor today (August 24, 2019).  For awhile now my old monitor I has since 2008 has been slow to display anything when the computer is first turned on.  Some times it would take a few minutes and then it would just work.  Well last night it did that.  When out for while.  When I came back it was on but nothing was showing.  Tried a few things and nothing worked.  It was time to buy a new one.  I don’t need anything fancy.  Just wanted to get one with a good brand name at the right price and would fix my desk.   I was in luck they had what that fit my needs at Best Buy.  It is the ASUS VP228QG Gaming Monitor.  It very easy to set up.  Messed around with some of the setting got everything looking nice.  My only problem is getting the right brightness level.  After looking at my older one for 11 years.   Will take some time getting used to.