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PS4 Controller On PC

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , on August 17, 2019 by getbent57

DS4Windows_LogoFor years have been using Raspberry Pi 3 to run RetroPie to emulated games.  More recently have been using AutoBleem on the PlayStation Classic.  A few night back while at a friends house played a moded Wii.  This could run Gamecube games.  Tried a few out and now I want to get one.  In the mean time got thing about running some of the emulators on my computer.  Never really got into it on the PC.  Tied years ago and it was a bit of a pain.  Going to get it another try.  The reason for this post is I don’t have on controller for my computer.  All so don’t want to go out and buy one.  Got thinking there must be a way to use a PlayStation 4 controller.  Turns out there is.  A program called DS4Windows.  This tricks the computer into thing that the PS4 controller is an Xbox one.  Going to give it a try.  Watched a set up tutorial and it’s easy to use.  Will be back with another post once I do.