Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super_Smash_Bros_UltimateOver the years have played many games on Nintendo systems but never owned one.  Have been thinking about getting a Switch just to play the Zelda game.  However it is a lot of money just to play one game.  A few nights a got to see the Zelda game in person.  Liked what I seen.  Think I will still wait for a big price drop before jumping in.  The reason for this post is we played four player Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  Seen many videos on this game and the others that came before it.  Never understood what was going on.  It just came across as a bunch of flashing lights on screen.  After trying this game out understand it a bit more.  The goal is to knock the other players off the map.  I just press some buttons and hoped for the best.  Found it really hard to find my character on the screen at times.  After a rounds understood it a bit more.  We did have some fun.  That being said the game is not for me.  Would get bored of it pretty quickly.

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