Humble Comic Book Bundle

humble_bundleHave gotten games and bought one thing from the Humble Bundle Store over the years.  There other part of their site which the started out with is the Bundle part. These bundles can be pretty much anything.  Like games, programs, books and comics.  The ideas you pay a little bit and unlock some items.  Pay even more and get more.  They recently had one that had all 12 volumes of The Boys trade paperbacks as 13 other trades.  This one had my interest because I seen the trailer for The Boys show on Amazon Video.  It looks like a crazy over the top superhero show were the superheroes are not the hero’s people think they are.  At that point didn’t know any thing about the comics.  So jumped at this bundle.  for a bit over $20.00 Canadian got all these trades digital.  Have started reading the first trade and am liking it a lot.  Thinking they might make good quick reviews for I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry,

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