Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo

Gave the demo a try for Dragon Quest Builders 2.  I do own the first game and like it a lot.  With this new one it looks like they improved a bunch of stuff.  After trying the demo.  They improved the UI a lot while keeping it some what the same.  A few other improvements that stood out are the stacking of blocks is way better.  You now get gloves that help move different items around.  The biggest thing is switching between building tools and weapons is a lot better as well.  Not sure if I will get the game right way.  They are asking the full price for it.  That would be $92.00 with tax here.  At bit much for a game this size.  Think I will wait for a sale.  In the mean time if you have any interests in the game.  It is well worth you time trying the demo.

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