Cape Breton Bike Rally 2019 – Cancelled

Have been going to all the Cape Breton Bike Rally’s ever since it was re-branded that in 2014.  Before that it was the Cape Breton Bike Fest.   Now it is July (2019) got thinking they might have a list of events on their website now.  Went to their website and it was gone.  Which as a bit odd but may be they didn’t pay the bill.  So went to the Facebook page and that was gone as well.  Did a Google search and found of a list of motorcycle event in Nova Scotia.  It says, “CANCLLED Cape Breton Bike Rally ‘19”.  Not sure why.  My guess is that there wasn’t enough volunteers.  Very sad to see it go.  My be it will be back next year.  Enjoyed going each year.

One Response to “Cape Breton Bike Rally 2019 – Cancelled”

  1. I too would like to see the CB Bike Rally come back for 2020. It concerns me that Cape Breton is not consistent on hosting such events. The less we do, the less we do. We are struggling enough as it is ti stay on the map. It’s time the public of CB put our voices out there, even if you dont ride.

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