Red Dead Online Update

Red_Dead_OnlineSome big news to share about Red Dead Online.  Yesterday (May 14, 2019) they announced the game is no longer in beta and have a big update.  Along with that they had a ton of fix for bugs.  As well a lots of new stuff.  The will be more coop story missions, free roam missions, dynamic events and poker.  There is more of course like clothes and weapons.  The biggest thing for me that what they are calling Playing Styles in now in the game. The two modes are Offensive and Defensive.  Offensive is what the game is at default.  Were everything goes  The Defensive is were you can play the game at you own pace with out having to deal with the PvP stuff.  So if you like hunting, fishing and exploring.  Griefers will have a hard time trying to kill you.  If some one does attack you they will, “receive hefty penalties via the Hostility system”.  However if you start at fight you are pulled out of defensive mode and get penalties.  There is more to all this big update.  You can read all the details > here.  Has been awhile since I played some Red Dead Online.  Need to out this defensive mode.  They put out a new trailer to go along with this.  Which you can see > here or below.

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