DSLR On Camera Monitor

Neewer_NW759Have been making videos for the YouTube channel I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry for months now.  I use the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.  Am very happy with the camera and it works awesome. The problem I have is the screen on the back.  It is nice and clear.  However when I try to focus it seems prefect in the camera.  But when I put the video on to my computer it not so great.   So got thinking about getting an external monitor.  Some call them on camera monitors or field monitors.  Started looking into them and was shocked my the prices.  Got thinking there has to be budget/beginner ones.  Looked into that and there.  Came across one that looks like it will fit my needs.  It is the Neewer NW759.  It can sit on top of the camera and the screen is seven inches.  It has a very cool feature I need.  It is focus assist.  You push a button and the screen turns grey and red.  The redder the line that is what is more in focus.  The only draw back it doesn’t come with batteries (depending on what version you buy) .  But they are easy to get off Amazon.  The best thing is the prices.  Starting a $150 to $190.00 from Amazon.ca.  You can see the options > here.  Might get the one with a case and battery back.  Have birthday coming up.  This might be my gift to myself.

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