The Division 2 Hands On Update

Have been playing the The Division 2 for over a month now.  Am still enjoying it a lot.  Still taking my time.  Playing all the side missions first.  Exploring and doing a bit of gridding to get items.  As of typing this (April 21, 2019) am at level 13 and played about 38 hours.  I don’t play everyday.  Somethings it will be days will go buy before jumping back in.  Every time I do there is something new I find, to use or enemy.  All so getting better at playing as well.  I die far less now.   There is still so much I haven’t seen let.  Don’t like rushing a game.  Think this is why I have so many in my backlog.  The most important thing about the game it is fun.  Recommend it muchly.

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