The Division 2 Update

As I am typing this (March 22, 2019) have had The Division 2 for a week.  So far have played about eight hours and am at level 6.  Am liking this game a lot.  It is much like the first game but way better at the same time.  There is a lot more to look at and do.  There is all so a lot more loot to be found.  Finding it all over the place.   It pays to look around the open word.  Think the biggest change is the AI.  They all ways try an flak you.  In the first game you could pretty much stay in one cover spot and be fine.  This time around you have to move carefully. Have died a few times.  Because I got overwhelmed.  Just have to change the way I play.  Having fun so far.  Well worth the money.

[Since typing this up made it to level 8.]

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