Softmoding A PlayStation 2

PlayStation_2Came cross a video online showing of a softmoded PlayStation 2.  What softmod is modifying a game console without having to open it up and add something to it.  In softmoding all the modifications are done though software.  In that video there is a link to a tutorial on how to do it.  Watched and it pretty straight forward.  Just need a few things.  A fat PS2, the one with the hard drive bay.  A hard drive.  You can use and older IDE drive or a SATA.  It all depends on if you have the official network adapter. That works on IDE drives.  There are third party adapters.  Which work with newer SATA.  This would be better because you can user bigger hard drives.  Then you need a USB thumb drive and a PS2 memory card.  One last think need is a USB to SATA/IDE Adapter.

I have an original fat PS2 and network adapter as well and an old 60GB IDE drive.  All so have a USB thumb drive.  Ordered the USB drive adapter and some new third party memory cards.  That stuff should be here some time this week.  My next day off am going to give it a try.  If if works out ok.  Might buy the third party network adapter so I can use a bigger hard drive.  Will be making a video about for the I’d Rather Watch Paint Dry YouTube channel.  If are interested in trying it for yourself you can see the tutorial > here.

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