Red Dead Online Beta Update

There was a big update out for Red Dead Online on February 26, 2019.   It is not just gameplay balances.  They are adding all kinds of new stuff like weapons and cloths.  There will gameplay modes and challenges.  One that caught my eye is the competitive fishing.  If you choose to take part the game gives you all the gear you will need.  Just need to go to the right body of water.  To win you have to have the highest weight total in fish caught.  All so other players can’t shoot you.   Which is nice to have.  You can see all what will be add at the RockStar Games official post > here.

[Update] Tired out some of this.  The game does seem run better.  They added daily challenges.  There were seven to do.  Some of them seemed silly while others seemed to hard.  One was to eat five fresh produce.   While one had you shoot five players from a moving train.  Forget what the others were.  Did do the eat the fresh produce.  Which gave me 200XP and 0.01 gold.

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