Red Dead Online Beta Hands On

Have been playing some of the Red Dead Online Beta.  Have tried it by my self and with two others.  There has been some problems.  It is a beta after all.  They have these to fix the bugs.  The game has crashed a few times for all of us or we would just be kicked off line.  With that out of the way.  Did have some fun.  Played some of the story missions.  They were really good.  I hope the add more to the full online mode.  Another thing I want to talk about is the gameplay.  It works much like the main game.  Have played hundreds of hours of GTA Online.  So during the mission would play it like its that game.  Didn’t work out so good.  You need to take your time.  Plan each shot.  This makes it more fun.  Hunting is all so in the online mode.  From what I have read there are 100 animals.  Each can be killed and sold for money.  This is the best way to make to get money.  Not sure when the game will be out of beta.  But do know there will be some updates this week and next.

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