Blue Snowball Black iCE

Blue_Snowball_Black_iCEHave been eyeballing a Blue Snowball USB microphone a bit over a year now.  Last year when I brother and I were working on a YouTube channel thought about buying one.  Ended up deciding not to get one.  Wanted to see first how far well got into the videos for the channel.   We made about 13 and really didn’t need buy one.  Used the one I have on the DSLR.

While I was on vacation got thinking about getting the channel up and going again.  Since my brother and I live into different parts of the country.  He is the face of the channel and I am the behind the scenes guy.  Have no desirer to be on camera.  However I want to get things going again.  So why not just do video with voice overs.  Which can be me because I figured out that I can change my voice in the software.

Just happened to be looking on the Best website and see that the Blue Snowball Black iCE was on sale for a good price, $50.00.  Couldn’t pass that up.  It is easy to setup and use.  Pretty much plug and play.  All ready have Audacity installed.  Gave it a quick test.  Was very impressed.  There is a few plugins I want to try but that will be for another post.

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