No Man’s Sky NEXT Patch 1.55

Have been playing a lot of No Man’s Sky ever since the NEXT update was out.  Have been enjoying my time.  Think I have close to 38 hours in.  Each week after that update they have been putting out patches.  As I am typing this (Aug 11, 2018) they are on patch 1.55.  Just like all patches it fixes a lot of things.  Then even changed how some of the games works.  One which stands out and makes the game way better is the launch fuel.  This is used to get your ship off the ground.  Before the patch you can take off four times before it ran out.  Then you wold have to refill it launch fuel canisters.  This would use three to four to fill up.  Which was a pain because you have to craft them or buy.  With this new patch it only takes one canister to refill the full amount.  This makes exploring so much better.

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