GTA Online: Stone Hatchet

GTA_Online_Stone_HatchetBack in December (2017) in Grand Theft Auto Online they had a treasure hunt.  It had you following clues to fined a revolver.  Once you find it and did a challenge you were rewarded money and it unlocked the revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2.  When the game comes out.  Well there is a new challenge to complete.  This time it is for a Stone Hatchet.  It has you going after five bounties.  In the game you will receive a text from Maude with a picture of a bounty and where they were last seen.  Once you go there you look around for them.  They might try to fight you or run.  If beat them you they will give in and follow you.  If they run, just shot them in the leg and they will stop.   Then you bring the back to Maude.  Bring the back alive you get $10,000 and dead you get $5,000.  After getting all five.  She sends you the location of the hatchet.  Once you have it you need to complete the challenge of killing 25, you will get $250,00 and it unlocks the hatchet in Red Dead 2.  You can read the official blog post > here.

I have done this.  Have to say it was fun and easy to do.  I wish that bounties was a regular part of GTA Online.

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