Neewer Stabilizer Update

Have made a few post about the Neewer Handheld Stabilizer. Ordered off of  It was one with a carbon fiber main shaft.  In my last post talked about about how on my day off will give it a try.  Well I did try and use it.  When I took it out off the box and gave it a look over.  Turns out it was missing a piece.  The shoe plate was not there.  This is the part the attaches to your camera.

Never had any problems buying off of  When back on to the site to see how you return an item.  Must say it is pretty easy.  You go back to the list of stuff you ordered.  There is a button to press called return.  Then they ask you from a drop down menu why you are returning it.  Once that done they give you options on ways to ship it back.  You choose one.  Then the give you instructions on how to pack the box up along with the shipping labels they send you.  Once they get the package back they will refund the money back on to my credit card with in seven days.  Plan to buy another one once this one is back in there hands.

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