Far Cry 5 Hours Of Darkness

The first piece of DLC for Far Cry 5 is now out.  Well it was out days a go.  On June 5, 2018.  It is called Hours of Darkness.  The story takes place during the Vietnam War.  You play the character, Wendell Redler.  You meet him in the main game.  He is the guy that sends you looking for the lighters hidden all over the map.  As for the gameplay.  It pretty much plays like the Far Cry we know and love.  It does do one thing differently.  You get four perks on the side of the screen.  Each one helps you out.  To unlock them you must preform a stealth kill.  The more you do that the more the perks unlock.  However if they bad guys see you the perks are reset.

Have only played a little bit so far.  Have read it can take three to four hours to finish.  When you do finish it.  It unlocks two other modes to play.  One makes it harder and the makes it easier.

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