Far Cry 5 Season Pass

Have finished the story mode Far Cry 5 long with just about everything else you can do in the game.  Minus a few challenges and one or two stunt missions.  Put about 55 hours or so into that.  Even after all that still playing the game.  Each week there is a Live Events which I like to do.  They have you taking out the bad guys in same way.  When you reach a set number it unlocks a weapon or some other item.  Then there is the other half.  If everyone who is playing the that reach a bigger set number it unlocks something else.  Most time it is some type of outfit.  Only people who take part will get these items,  Then there are the challenges in the Arcade Mode.  Have been playing a lot of that as well.  There is some pretty awesome maps out now.

Have been enjoying all this stuff.  So thinking I will buy the games season pass.  Have ever bought one before.  Have come close a few times.  But there is something special about this game.  The pass comes with the add-ons  Dead Living Zombies, Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars.  The first one will be Hours of Darkness.  Which is downloadable June 5, 2018.  Another thing with the pass you get is, Far Cry 3 Classic Edition.  Think I am going to go for it.  It costs $40.00 here in Canada.

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