BARRIER Comic Book

BARRIER_Isssue_1One of the comics I picked up that his years (2018) Free Comic Book Day was BARRIER.  A few things made this one standout. Firstly it was because you don’t read it like a regular book.  It is read it in landscape.  Secondly it was a full sized comic.  Most time these free one are only a few pages long.  Read this the other night.  Really liked it.  Can’t really describe it.  So will quote a website, “BARRIER is a truly unconventional drama that tackles violence, language, and illegal immigration—with a shocking sci-fi twist.”  At the end it says it is a five issue miniseries.

Looked online for more info on this book.  Turns out, it was out for awhile on a digital format at the website,  They let you pay want you want for each comic.  They all so give you the chose of file format.  All so read that Image Comics is printing all these for the first time to be released in May (2018).  Think I will try and pick up the others at my local comic shop.

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