Batman Ninja Blu-ray Review

Gave Batman Ninja a watch on Blu-ray the other day.  This is not your regular DC animated movie.  It is a Japanese style animations made for that market.  Have not really watched any anime before.  Awhile back when I seen the trailer for this movie it looked inserting.  Being a big Batman fan I had to watch.  However after doing that don’t think I will be watching any other anime.  Sure it looks nice and it is top of the line animation work.  It is just doesn’t make any sense.

Really like how it looked.  The story started off good.  I has the Batman and the bad guys getting transported back in time to Japan.  Where each of the bad guys have taken over different parts.  So it is up to Batman and crew to put a stop to it.  Then part way though it turns weird.  For some reason each of these guys base of operation turns into a robot building which can do battle with each other.  Then they form together to make an even bigger robot building.  Not going to spoil how Batman and crew take this down.  But will say it is even weirder.  This movie is pretty much just for the die hard Batman fans.

3 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

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