PlayStation 4 External Hard Drive

Seagate_STX_Backup_Plus_5TBFor about a year now you are able to use an external hard drive with a PlayStation 4.  Have thought about getting one ever since then.  Because every time I buy a new game would have to delete one.  Sometimes it is hard to decide which one has to go.  Back in January (2018) seen that a friend had a 2TB on hooked to his PS4.  It worked great.  Since then have been watching the flyers for a good deal. Seen a nice on in the Best Buy flyer.  It is a 5TB Seagate STX Backup Plus Portable.  They were asking $160.00.  Which seems like a really good price.  Under $200.00 with tax so I went for it.

It is pretty easy to get to work with the PS4.  Once you plug into the PS4 it will read it.  Saying this can be used for extended storage if its formatted.  This is simple and quick to do.  Takes many be a minute.  You got to settings > devices > USB storage devices.  Then choose format as extended storage.  Next the will ask you do you really want to do this.  Click yes and that’s it.  A few seconds later it ready to go.  Now I have 4.60TB of extra room for games.  Will never have to delete another game again.

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