Gundam Model Kit

HG_Iron_Blooded_Orphans_Gundam_VualMany, many years ago found a bunch of robot model kits which I liked to put together.  There were based on a Gundam.  Back then had know idea what it was.  Still kind of don’t.  Just know it very popular TV, comics and books series.  Had about six or so of them.  After a while could never find them.  Years later would see them in comic book stores.  But they would want way too much money for them.  I liked to put them together but not that much.

Well the other day a local comic book store was running a weekend sale for these kits.  They had %25 off the sticker price.  Took a look at them a bought a look and bought one.  It is HG Iron Blooded Orphans: Gundam Vual.  Have know idea what the means.  Bought because it was cool looking.  Will be back with pictures when it’s together.

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