GTA Online: The Doomsday Heist Facility

Have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online off on for a few weeks now.  Saving up money to take part in the newest add on, The Doomsday Heist.  The idea is you have to own a facility first.  That is if you want to start it yourself.  You could all ways join a friend that has one or a random person.  What makes this one really standout for me is.  It can be played with two to four other people.  The other heist in the game you all ways had to have four people.  Only every tried one of two of these because it was way too hard to get four friends together to play.  However this new one will be easier with just one other person to ask to play.

The reason I am talking about this is, have save enough money to buy the cheapest one.  Which is located at the top of the map in Paleto Bay.  I have bought it.  Must say it is pretty cool looking inside.  Have not tired any of the heist yet.  Wait until I have a day off.  So I will have lots of time to play the missions.

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