GPD XD GamePad

Back in April (2017) first learned about the GPD X D GamePad.   It is a Android base table put into a clam shell game case.  Looks something like a Nintendo 3DS.  The main focus is to emulated games.  Think it is a pretty awesome device.  Wanted to get one.  Until I seen the price they were asking for in Canadian money, around $300.00.  So decided to wait on it.   A few days ago while watching some videos on YouTube.  Seen that John Riggs of John Riggs: RIGG’d Games channel was showing one off.   You can see that video > here.  He had a link to were the one he got it, > here (Gear  So click on the link to see.  Think it would be on US money.  Was surprised to see it the site all so in Canadian money.  But it gets better they were having a flash sale on this device for $181.11.  I could not pass that deal up.  Had to have it.   Should be in my hands by the end of the month.


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