Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharted Seas Demo

Oceanhorn_Monster_Of_Uncharted_SeasOn the PlayStation store they are/were (depending when you are reading this) a sale of digital only games.  One of this is Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.   Have been looking at this one for awhile now.  The sales price was $10.00.  Which is a good price for game this size.  Was still on the fences about buying it.  Then seen that there was a demo.  So gave that a go.

First of the game looks great and the controls are good as well.  It plays something like a Zelda game.  In the demo it is let you play the very beginning.  Much like every game it walks you though on the mechanics.  Then it ends when you find a key to your boat to head off the island.  After playing the demo decided not to buy the full game.  While there is nothing wrong with any of it.  Just didn’t pull me in.


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