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DiRT 4 Hands On

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Last week some time made a post talking about DiRT 4.  On how had it on sale.  Well it showed up in the mail this past Monday (July 17, 2017).  Have been looking forward to trying this out for a very long time.  Just like every new game now a days.  There is a update patch to download.  Thankfully it didn’t take long.

First off this game is much different than the last few games.  Has some of the same elements from all the past games.  While bringing in lots of new things.  Haven’t tried it all yet.  One thing that stands out right way is you can choose to play in game mode or simulation.   It choose game because I think a racing game should be fun first and not wanting to smash your controller.  Once you pick a mode there are options to make easier or harder as well.  Only played a few rally and land rush races.  They felt good to race.  The controls are great.  The environment all so look great.  There seems to be a lot content to get though.  Not sure if I will be able to do it all.  But will try since I finished the first three games.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale July 2017

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Am a bit late posting this.  However there is still time.  There is another flash sale going on in the PlayStation Store.  There has been one every month this year.  Just like other sales there are some good deals.  All so, some of the games have been in these before.  The sale started on July 21, 2017 and ends of the 24th.  You can see if there is anything you might like > here.  Don’t think I will be getting any thing this time around.  Have two many games at the moment.

Knights Of Valour Video

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Yesterday (July 22, 2017) post I talked about seen the Knights of Valour jousting show.  Post some pictures on that.  All so took some video.  Well have it to editing now and uploaded.  My camera was acting up a bit.  You can see some weird looking lines in some clips.  It would come an go when taking video and pictures.  Think there might be something thing wrong with a sensor.  However you can see the video > here or below.


Knights of Valour

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Knights_Of_ValourWent to an interesting event last night.  The Knights of Valour were in town.  They travel around to show off full contact jousting.  A few years ago there was a few shows on TV about jousting.  This group’s show was Full Metal Jousting on the History channel.  Remember seeing a few episodes of that.  So getting to see in live in person was pretty cool.

At first thought it was just a “show” all planed out and what not.  Turns out it is not.  It was the real deal they going all out.  They started off with introducing the six knights.  There was even one lady.  After that they did a skills competition.  They had to take a spear and try to hook on to three rings which were held up by three lads.  Next turn the spear around at throw it a at target.  Get another spear and do over again on the other side.  Up next had to cut a apples off two poles with a sword.  Then pick up a lance and hit a contraption trying to make it spin around as many times as possible.  This was all so timed.  The person with the most points and fastest time got that add to their score then the jousting started.

Now it was time for the jousting.  Which was pretty awesome.  They had two around of that.  Then the lances hit the metal shoulder plates it made a very sicking sound.  When the laces broke pieces when every were.  One when right up to the lighting.  Three of the knights got nocked off.  One guy hurt this shoulder pretty bad and had to stop.  The lady got nocked off was well and stopped as well.  The third guy managed to get back on after a small break.

Over all it was an awesome show.  Would go again for sure.  If you see then coming to a place near you go and see it.  You will not be disappointed.  Took some pictures. Which you can see below.  All so have some video.  Just need to edit it first.





Enya – Only Time

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Enya_Only_TimeOnce again musical throwback Thursday.  Wanted to pick something more laid back for this weeks song.  One of the most laid back artist out there is Enya.  Have heard many of her song over the years.  The one I like the most is Only Time.  This is off her album, A Day Without Rain in the year 2000.  There is a bunch of remixed versions on YouTube which are good as well.  You can see the official music video > here or below.

Baby Driver Review

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Back at the beginning of June made about post about the movie Baby Driver.  It looked really good and wanted to see it.  Not often I go to the movies but I had to go see this one.  Am a big fan of Edgar Wright movies.

Going to start by saying I enjoyed this movie a lot.  This director knows how to make an awesome open scenes.  The one does not disappoint.  The way he used the music to coincided with what was happen in action was pretty amazing.  I know there was small tidbits I missed.  So looking forward to watching it again when it’s out on Blu-ray.  This movie has everything a great action movie needs.  Crazy characters, awesome car chases, big shoot out and chase scenes.  It all works so well.

This is one of the best movies this year.  A must watch.  Will be buying a copy when it’s out on Blu-ray. That is how much I enjoyed this movie.

5 out of 5 GT (GT = Good Times)

Topps The Walking Dead Season 6 Blaster Box

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Topps_The_Walking_Dead_Season_6_Blaster_BoxA few years ago found some The Walking Dead trading cards.  They were based off season three.  Well a few days go.  Seen a box with Negan on it.  So took a closer look.  It was a box containing ten packs of trading cards plus one hit per box.  Were are based off of season six. From the company Topps.  As you most likely know.  I am a big fan of the show and comic books.  So had to buy this box.  Didn’t know much about it so had to look it up.  Turns out it is/was only sold at Walmart this way.  The internet calls them blaster box.  All so not hundred percent sure what the “hit” is.  But guess it might be some kind of signed card.  Have not opened it up yet.  But if I find something cool.  Will blog about it.