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Topps The Walking Dead Season 6 Blaster Box

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Topps_The_Walking_Dead_Season_6_Blaster_BoxA few years ago found some The Walking Dead trading cards.  They were based off season three.  Well a few days go.  Seen a box with Negan on it.  So took a closer look.  It was a box containing ten packs of trading cards plus one hit per box.  Were are based off of season six. From the company Topps.  As you most likely know.  I am a big fan of the show and comic books.  So had to buy this box.  Didn’t know much about it so had to look it up.  Turns out it is/was only sold at Walmart this way.  The internet calls them blaster box.  All so not hundred percent sure what the “hit” is.  But guess it might be some kind of signed card.  Have not opened it up yet.  But if I find something cool.  Will blog about it.