Kidrobot Bob’s Burgers Blind Box Mini

Kidrobot_Bobs_Burgers_Blind_Box_MiniAm a bit fan of collecting Funko vinyls Mystery Mini.  Their main competition is the brand Kidrobot.  A year or so ago.  Bought one from there DC line to just to see if I would like them just as much.  Didn’t like how the one I got looked.  So never bought another one.  Well until the other day.  Seen that there was ones based of the TV show Bob’s Burgers.  Love this show so bought one.  What makes this line standout.  Just about every one comes with an accessory.  Was hoping to get Bob, Louise or Gene.  Ended up with Hugo.  Not sure if I will buy another one because they cost a lot more then the Funko ones.


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