Photobucket Stopped 3rd Party Hosting

Photobucket_3rd_Party_HostingReceived an interesting email this morning from Photobucket.  It read, “We noticed that you have been using Photobucket for 3rd party hosting.  To restore you 3rd party hosted images.  Please upgrade to a Plus 500 plan.”   Have been using Photobucket since 2008 to post pictures to this very blog.  Have never had a problem.  At some point they changed their terms of service.  Not sure why they did this.  Because a lots of people uses their service to do what I do or post pictures to messages boards and Ebay.  If they are thing all this people will upgrade to get this feature back.  The thing is there is only one plan that lets you host on other websites.  That is the Plus 500 Plan costing $400.00 a year.  So, think there will be a lot of people leaving.  I plan to wait a few days to see if they change their minds.  If not will have to live with broken links on my site.  Then find another photo hosting site.

2 Responses to “Photobucket Stopped 3rd Party Hosting”

  1. Similar issues looking for a new service to replace photo bucket. any suggestions

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