Driveclub + Season Pass

DriveclubA few times while at friends place would sometimes play the PlayStation 4 game Driveclub.  While I am not every good at the game.  It is still fun to play and nice to look at.  Said to myself if the full game with the DLC goes on sale.  Would buy if off the PlayStation store.  If you are a PlayStation Plus member.  You could buy the base game for $7.49 for the longest time.  The all so have the full game and season pass bundle going for $26.99.  That’s not a bad price.  Just didn’t want to pay that much for a game I might not every finish.  So decided to wait for a sale.

Well I was in luck.  This past weekend May 25th to 30th the PlayStation Store was running the Extended Play Sale.  One of the items on sale was the Driveclub Season Pass.  Which goes for $17.49 regular, sale price is $12.24.  However if you are a Plus member $10.49.  So I bought them.  Pretty good deal to get the main game and season pass for $18.00.

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