Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Over a week ago made a post talking about the Cannon EOS Rebel T5i.  In that post talked about how my brother and I are working on making a YouTube channel.  Which I would be using the camera I all ready had, Canon FS 10.  While the camera works great. Didn’t some test with the RODE VideoMicro.  It didn’t work out so great.  Back in that post said the camera I would like to buy is the Rebel T5i.  Well Best Buy had it on sale.  It was a package deal.  It came with the camera, a 18-55mm Lens,  a UV protection lens filter and tripod.  So went out a bought it.  Couldn’t past the deal up.  Had some gift cards.  Which helped lowered the price.  Now I have to figure out all it can do and practice.

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