Far Cry 5 Trailer And News

Far_Cry_5Back on May 16th Ubisoft reviled that they are bring out sequels to their big game franchises. One of which is Far Cry 5.  The on May 22nd they put out four teaser videos.  All with the tag line Welcome to Hope Country Montana.  At the end of each there is some text saying, Tune in Friday, May 26th for worldwide reveal.  Well that was Yesterday.

A watching the trailer three times.  Which you can see > here or below.  Think this will be the best Far Cry game yet.  It seems like there are improving on the game play that makes them great.  While adding lots of new things.   A side from the announcement trailer.  They put out three “Meet …” videos.  Which show off the characters who will be helping you out.  You can see them by clicking their names, Mary May Fairgrave, Nick Rye and Pastor Jerome Jeffries.

There is some information out about the game as well.  It takes place in Hope County, Montana.  Where an evil cult called Eden’s Gate has taken over. Some of the things that standout for me (so far).   The story can be played in two player co-op. There will be more vehicles to drive.  Planes to fly.  Even have dogfights.  They are saying there is a map editor.  Not sure how that will work.  But sounds cool.  Pretty sure there will more more info out at this years E3.   The game is set to be out February 27, 2018.  Will be buying day one for sure.

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