Canon EOS Rebel T5i

Canon_EOS_Rebel_T5iHave mentioned in a few posts.  My brother and I are working a putting a YouTube channel together.  Will be using the video equipment I all ready own.  If we can make a good go of it.  Will  be looking into getting a better camera.  Have looked some of of the options.  Like HD video cameras.  The every day use ones and the prosumer ones.  The every day ones were ok. Just didn’t have what I was really looking for. Then the prosumer ones are way too much money.  So looked into DSLR’s and  the Canon Rebel line.  Know a few YouTube channels use these.   The cameras take very nice video as well as high end pictures.

All all the research.  The one I would like to get is the Cannon EOS Rebel T5i.  It has all the features I want.  Takes awesome looking HD video.  With many video options. It all so has a microphone input as well a shoe mount of the top.  It cost of bit of money but not too bad for what you get.  Just will wait for it to go on sale.

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