Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 Closed Beta Hands On

Gave the closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega a try.  Like I said in my last post it looks and plays like the old Marvel Ultimate Alliance games.  The twist this time is, it’s an online MMO as well.  Played for about a half hour.  The game has a nice look to it.  The controls are good but the menu screens can be a bit confusing.  There a lot a characters to try.  The thing is you have to “buy” them to keep  playing with them.  You earn may types to in game money to unlock stuff as well as for the characters.  The only thing that I don’t like are the story cutscenes.  They have a nice animated comic book look.  The problem is they are just very inconstant.  Some look awesome.  Other look like crap.  Am sure they might change before the game is out.  The other big thing about the game it is set to be free to play.  So I am guess there will be lots of micro transactions.  All so thinking there will be an open beta at some point.  Worth checking out.


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