Connecting PS3 Controller To PC

Dualshock_3Am looking into getting LaunchBox to run on my old computer.  But first wanted to get a controller hooked up to it with out buying one.  It is easy to get a regular USB controller to work.  When easier if you own an Xbox controller.  However I have a PlayStation 3 controller.  Over the years have looked into it.  Came across lots of video talking about Motioninjoy.  After watching them decided not to go the road.  The program looked a bit fishy to be.  It has lots of ads running it the window.  Decided not to got with that.

Well the other day found a much better salutation on YouTube.  It looks kind of complicated with lots of steps.  But is not that bad.  Gave it a try.  Got it working right way.  Not trouble at all.  Wasn’t too sure at first because the old computer is running Windows Vista.  If you are looking to so this on your computer you can watch the video tutorial > here or below.


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