ATV Offroad Fury

ATV_Offroad_FuryThe last few times a bunch of us had a game night.  We would end up playing a lot of older games.  Some I have never played and others which I haven’t  seen/played in years.  One of which was the PlayStation 2 game ATV Offroad Fury.  This was released in 2001.  What made this one standout was that it was open world.  It has a feature which lets you drive around the map placing waypoints were ever you wanted.  Then you would save the course.  Next loaded it up so one or two players could race the course you must made.  What we would do was.  One person would make the craziest course possible.  Then the others would race each other trying to set the fastest time.  Back in the day we would do that for hours.

Well the other night got to playing this game again.  It has been about fifteen years since I last seen this.  My friend still had all the crazy course we made back then on his memory card.  We gave one of them a try.  Must say the game holds up well.  The controls are nice and smooth.  Looking forward to trying this again.


One Response to “ATV Offroad Fury”

  1. It’s a shame that no other game has ever done this. Placing checkpoints on a map isn’t the same.

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