New Computer

OMEN_By_HPHave been talking and thinking about it for awhile now.  So bought myself a new computer.  The one I am using now is about nine years old.  It still works great. It has Windows Vista.  Never had any problems with it.  The thing is Microsoft will stop supporting Vista in April this year (2017).  Google Chrome has stopped supporting it a long time ago.  A few days a go there was one last patch for Firefox.

So it was time far  a new one.  One of the models I have been eye balling was on sale at Best Buy.  I bought OMEN by HP – 870-119.  Have to say it is a very nice computer.  Very fast because there is a solid state drive as well as a regular hard drive.  My old computer has 3 GB of ram.  This one has 16.  For the most part have it setup the way I want.   Just have to move over all my files.  All so install the programs I like.  Now I will be able to try the ones my old compute couldn’t run.

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