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Grand Theft Auto Online: New Modes And Stuff Coming

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There doesn’t seem to be an end to new things coming to Grand Theft Auto Online.  Think this is awesome.  The more the better.  Most games that have been out as long as GTA V/Online they stop supporting it.  Think the reasons it still supported besides being a super fun game.  The game is still in the top five for sales list every month.  I still play online a few times or more a month.

According to the RockStar Games blog post > here, there is some new  stunt cars and tracks coming this March (2017) What makes them special is they are rocked powered.  There is all so some regular cars and new adversary modes.  The biggest news is.  There will be a huge new update coming this summer.  It will have to with gun running.  Sounds like it will be fun.  Will be back with an update when there is more news to share.