AGPtek HD Video Capture

AGPtek_HD_Game_Capture_HDA few weeks back made a post about capturing game play footage with one of the Elgato products.  They are pretty cool and most likely the best one you can buy.  Would like to own on at some point.  Did some more research into this and came across a cool product.  It is called HD Video Capture.  The one I am looking at is by a company called AGPtek.   While looking up info on this device it turns out.  There are many company putting their band name on the same device.   Selling it as theirs.  This is know big deal.

What makes this one stand out from the other besides the price is how it works.  You don’t have have a computer hooked to it to record.  You plug in a USB drive or external hard drive.  It records to that.  Then you transfer the files to your computer for editing.  Think I might get one of these.  Looked at some people on YouTube that used them.  The footage looks great.


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