Elgato Game Capture

Elgato_Game_Capture_HD60_SHave been looking into capturing video gameplay for awhile now.  Back in the day it was pretty easy (some what).  I would have my PS1/ PS2 and the like running though my VCR.   So all I had to do was put a blank tape in and press record.  Then I had too hook up the VRC to my computer (back then was Windows 98) using the Dazzle Digital Video Creator I had.

Every thing now a days is HD and uses HDMI.  So it it a lot simpler to capture video.  Providing you have the right tech.  Plan on getting a new computer soon.   So was looking around a get a HDMI video capture device.  The name that keeps popping up on my searches is Elgato.  They have a few different products.  There newest one, Elgato Game Capture HD60 S, is pretty slick.  From what I have read there past modes while worked awesome.  While playing a game there was a bit of a lag while watching on your computer screen.  This new model there is not lag at all.  It is a bit pricey.  Amazon.ca has them going for $220.00.  However if you are into stream gameplay on the internet or just want to get into making videos.  It’s not to bad of the price.


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