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Watch Dogs 2 Review

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Watch_Dogs_2.jpgFinished all the main and the side mission in Watch Dogs 2.  Just of some extra stuff to do.  So think its time for a review.  Over all had lots of fun with this game.  It is leagues ahead of the first game.  It plays better and looks better.  The story is really good as well.  More light hearted.  All the characters a lot more enjoy able to listen too.  You can tell the game makers listened to what the players had to say.  The only thing  I didn’t really like was.  They did improve the motorcycle handling but not enough.

Had a blast playing this game.  The hacking puzzles worked like they did in the first game.  But they were much easier to figure out but still challenging .  Which is a good thing.  Only had to look up help once.  Did not try the online modes.  so can’t talk about them . This game didn’t seem to get a lot of buzz.  I think it is well worth your time and money.

5 out of 5 GT = (Good Times)

Fitbit Charge

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Fitbit.jpgHave owned a Fitbit Charge model for about a year now.  The main reason I bought one was to track my sleep.  I get very poor sleep most of the time.  On average according the the tracker.  I wakeup/restless 40 times over a six hour period.  Know its not going to be one hundred percent accurate.  But a good guide.  Took this information to the doctor.  She said that’s not good.  Have to go get tested for sleep apnea.

Over all I like this device.  The tracking of sleep is cool.  It is all so nice see how many steps I take at work.  The only problem I have with it is.  It’s falling a part.  The strap on both sides has cracked off from the computer part.  Now the rest of the plastic/rubber bits are cracked or separated.  It still works fine.  Will keep using it until it breaks.  Think the newer models would hold up much better.

Nine Years of WordPress

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Wordpress_AnniversaryBack on January 21, 2017 marked nine years I have been on WordPress writing this blog.  My goal back when I started was to see if I could make a post everyday and see how long I could keep doing it.  Did struggle for while.  However has I kept at it.  It got easier.   The main tip I can give is to have three to four post written and ready to go.  That way you can make a post right way.  Then all you have do is write a new to replace the one you just posted.

My goal this years is to fix the blog up a bit.  Want to organize the categories better.  To make it easier to find stuff.  Going to make a new header as well.  The one there now has been there since 2013.  Time for a new one I think.

Game Of Thrones Season Seven

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Game_Of_Thrones.jpgFound  out on January 13, 2017 that season seven of Game of Thrones will staring airing June 25, 2017 (May be).  This is great news that be now have a date to see more of this awesome show.  The only sad thing is there will only be seven episodes.   Knew about that happing back in July (2016).  When season seven wraps one.  We will have just one more left.  Season eight will be that last one.  Which will be to wrap all the storylines.  There have been rumours there might be some kind of spin off or the like.  Can see that happening because this show is hugely popular.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2017

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PSN_Flash_Sale.jpgGood news PlayStation owners.  There is the first flash sale of the new year.  The theme this time is games for going under five dollars.  There is a lot for all three platforms.  The sales starts today (January 20, 2017) and ends on 23rd.  You can see the full list of games > here.  Some of them have been on sale before.  So if you missed out the first time around now is the time to.

The KLF & Tammy Wynette – Justified And Ancient

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The_KLF_The_White_RoomIt is musical throwback Thursday time again.  The song this is week is Justified and Ancient by The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette.  Still have the tape this song is off of, The White Room from 1991.  Remember this song being a big deal back in the day.  Mostly because the main singer.  Back then didn’t realise who Tammy Wynette was.  She was a very famous country singer.  So singing is a dance type track was kind of a big deal back them.   Have to say the song holds up well.  Give it a listen/watch > here or below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: SHD AGENT FIGURINE

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Tom_Clancys_The_Division_SHD_AGENT_FIGURINECame across a cool item in the Uplay Shop.   This is the new and update Ubisoft online store.  They had two  the longest time.  One for games.  The other was were you could get clothes, hats and things like that.  This one has everything in one spot.  The item is a figure of an agent from The Division game.  It is pretty cool.  There is a lots of detail and even light ups in spots.  You can see if for yourself > here.  They even have a video.  You can see that > here or below.  It seems a bit pricey.  They want $80.00 Canadian.  That is a pretty cheap if you compare it to other items in this market.