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Game Of Thrones Season Seven

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Game_Of_Thrones.jpgFound  out on January 13, 2017 that season seven of Game of Thrones will staring airing June 25, 2017 (May be).  This is great news that be now have a date to see more of this awesome show.  The only sad thing is there will only be seven episodes.   Knew about that happing back in July (2016).  When season seven wraps one.  We will have just one more left.  Season eight will be that last one.  Which will be to wrap all the storylines.  There have been rumours there might be some kind of spin off or the like.  Can see that happening because this show is hugely popular.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale January 2017

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PSN_Flash_Sale.jpgGood news PlayStation owners.  There is the first flash sale of the new year.  The theme this time is games for going under five dollars.  There is a lot for all three platforms.  The sales starts today (January 20, 2017) and ends on 23rd.  You can see the full list of games > here.  Some of them have been on sale before.  So if you missed out the first time around now is the time to.

The KLF & Tammy Wynette – Justified And Ancient

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The_KLF_The_White_RoomIt is musical throwback Thursday time again.  The song this is week is Justified and Ancient by The KLF featuring Tammy Wynette.  Still have the tape this song is off of, The White Room from 1991.  Remember this song being a big deal back in the day.  Mostly because the main singer.  Back then didn’t realise who Tammy Wynette was.  She was a very famous country singer.  So singing is a dance type track was kind of a big deal back them.   Have to say the song holds up well.  Give it a listen/watch > here or below.

Tom Clancy’s The Division: SHD AGENT FIGURINE

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Tom_Clancys_The_Division_SHD_AGENT_FIGURINECame across a cool item in the Uplay Shop.   This is the new and update Ubisoft online store.  They had two  the longest time.  One for games.  The other was were you could get clothes, hats and things like that.  This one has everything in one spot.  The item is a figure of an agent from The Division game.  It is pretty cool.  There is a lots of detail and even light ups in spots.  You can see if for yourself > here.  They even have a video.  You can see that > here or below.  It seems a bit pricey.  They want $80.00 Canadian.  That is a pretty cheap if you compare it to other items in this market.

James May: The Reassembler Series Two

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James_May_The_Reassembler_Series_TwoCame across a nice surprise the other day.   Found out that James May was back with series two of  James May: The Reassembler.  If you never hear this this show.  it has James putting back together one piece at a time different objects.  I know it sounds kind of boring.  They even joke about it in the episodes.  The thing is James is pretty funny guy and makes it interesting to watch.  The first series had three episodes.  This second one has four.  Three of them have aired all ready.  He puts back together a train set, a food mixer and a mini motorcycle.  The last one will have him reassembling a portable record player.  You can find the episodes on YouTube > here.  Just don’t know how long they will be up since most times this stuff gets taken down.

Gotham Season Three Second Half

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GOTHAM.jpgThe second half for season three of Gotham starts tonight (Jan 16, 2017).  While what I think is the second half.  Thinking here will air a few episodes and then take a long break again.  The first half of the season ended back at the end of November 2016.  So it will be nice to have some new episodes to watch.  Over all this season as been pretty good.  They seam to be working out all the small problems they had with the two season for this one.  Looking forward to what happens next.

The Grand Tour Hosts Play Forza Horizon 3

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The_Grand_Tour.jpgCame across a cool video the other day.  It has the hosts of The Grand Tour, Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond and James May, playing the Xbox One game Forza Horizon 3.  As you might guess it was pretty funny.  They all take turns playing the game.  Near the end of the stream the compete against each other to win an Xbox One.  If you are a fan of them it’s worth checking out.  The stream is about an hour long.  You can see it > here or below.

The Walking Dead: Season Seven Second Half

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The_Walking_Dead.jpgWere are about a bit less than month away from the second half of season seven starting up for The Walking Dead.  It starts again February 12 2017.  The first half was petty awesome.  The second half of all the seasons in the past have all felt like a bran new season.  Pretty sure that will be the case this time as well.  Have just finished reading the third compendium of the comic book.  If you do jus some of what’s in the book we are in for a real treat.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta

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Tom_Clancys_Ghost_Recon_WildlandsHave been keeping an eye on Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands ever since they showed it off at E3.  I signed up for the beta.  Which you can do > here if you wish.  There is a beta for all three platforms, PS4, Xbox One and PC.  Not sure if I will get in code or not.  Because this is signing up to have you name put on a list in hopes you get picked.  That being said, did get picked of The Division beta last year.  I am not a betting man but just know after the closed beta is over there will be an open one.  That seems to be the trend now a days.  Will be back with an update if I get in.   The game is out March 7, 2017.

Captain Hollywood Project – More And More

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Captain_Hollywood_Project_More_And_MoreFor this weeks musical throwback Thursday decided to go with an very 90’s dance song.   Which is 1992’s More and More by Captain Hollywood Project.  This is off their 1993 album Love Is Not Sex.   I remember this song mostly because it was on a lot of computation tapes I had.  It has the 90’s written all over it.  The song starts with a lady signing a nice melody.  Then in comes the guy doing the rap parts.  There were a lot of songs like that back in the day.  This one does some what hold up.  Give it a listen > here or below.