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Stardew Valley

Posted in Just something to say with tags , , , , , , on January 31, 2017 by getbent57

Stardew_Valley.jpgTalking about Stardew Valley again.  Because I bought it.  This is a very charming game.  There is lots of detail for its 16bit look.  All so lots to do.  There is farming of course.  Then there is fishing, exploring, mining and crafting.  That is just some of it.  The town is full of people to interact with.  It is all so an RPG as well.  You are levelling these things up as you play.  You unlock new items and recipes at a good pace.

The only thing I don’t like it the clock.  It runs much to fast.  I understand why they did it that way.  Is so you will playing though the four seasons faster.   Each one offers different elements to the gameplay.  So far I am still in spring.  This is the one you start off in.

While the game is pretty cool.  Just can’t play if for every long in one sitting.  Find I get bored.  So will most like just play a day or two in game time.  The play something else.  Then go back to it.