James May: The Reassembler Series Two

James_May_The_Reassembler_Series_TwoCame across a nice surprise the other day.   Found out that James May was back with series two of  James May: The Reassembler.  If you never hear this this show.  it has James putting back together one piece at a time different objects.  I know it sounds kind of boring.  They even joke about it in the episodes.  The thing is James is pretty funny guy and makes it interesting to watch.  The first series had three episodes.  This second one has four.  Three of them have aired all ready.  He puts back together a train set, a food mixer and a mini motorcycle.  The last one will have him reassembling a portable record player.  You can find the episodes on YouTube > here.  Just don’t know how long they will be up since most times this stuff gets taken down.

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