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Grand Theft Auto Online: Festive Surprise 2016

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GTA_Online_Festive_Surprise_2016The Festive Surprise is back in Grand Theft Auto Online.  This marks the fourth time they have done this.  All the the items they had had in the past will be back free in your inventory until January 9th, 2017.  They have all so added some new things as well.  One is bodysuits.  Which are illuminated, so they can glow, pulse or flash.  There is all so a new car called the Nero.  This car is customizable.  All so if you log in between now (Dec 20th, 2016 and Jan 2nd, 2017) you will unlock the Bold Pinstripe Smoking Jacket & Pajama set.  You can read the official blog post > here.   This event runs from December 20th 2016 to January 9th 2017.