GTA Online: Import/Export

GTAOnline.jpgThere is more content coming to Grand Theft Auto Online.  This new update called Import/Export is coming sometime this December (2016).  My guess is some time next week.  That is because back on the December 8 and running to the 12th they had special sale of 50% off executive offices, plus other stuff.  You can read about that > here.   This is because this new update will tie into two past updates they put out, Executives and Other Criminals and Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

So thinking you must own a office building to take part in the new update.   I guess I will have to buy an office building now. This Import/Export sounds pretty cool.  It has you stealing and re-selling high end cars.  The update will add special vehicles to help get the job done.  As well as a special Executive Office Garages.  Which can be up to three floors and room for 60 vehicles.  With customizable decor and a custom auto shop.  You can read about it > here. Will be back with another post when it’s out.  Can’t wait to try it out.

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