PlayStation 4 Stardew Valley

Stardew_ValleyBack in March (2016) watched some videos GameSpot did about the game Stardew Valley.  This is a farming simulation RPG.  It might sound pretty dull.  However if you watch one of the videos they did > here you might change your mind.  This game was made just by one person.  Which I think is pretty amazing.  This has been on PC via Steam since March.  There has been rumours that it would be come to PS4 and Xbox One.  Well that turned out to be true.  On November 29, 2016 it was announced it will be on the PS4 December 13th then on the 14th for Xbox One.  Not sure how much it will cost yet.  Do know the PC version is $17.00 Canadian.  So my best guess will be around $20.00 for the consoles.  Hoping there is a demo.

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