The Walking Dead: Season Seven – Episode One

The_Walking_Dead.jpgIt has been a long wait for the start of season seven of The Walking Dead.  It started last night (October 23, 2016).  The showed ended on the biggest cliffhanger they have ever done.  We knew someone was going to die.  The internet has been a buzz ever since on who it might be.

The show picks right up were they left off.  It was super intense.  Not going to spoil what happened.  But am sure the people on Facebook all ready have.  I know a few people who are mostly pissed off about who died.  That is what makes the show so great.  Everything can change in one moment.   This event will change the whole course of the show.  Think it will make it even better. Can’t wait to see what happens next.  Have some ideas because have been reading the comic books.  If they do some of the stuff from the books we are in for a real amazing season.

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