Lords Of The Fallen

Lords_Of_The_FallenOne of the free games for PlayStation Plus members this September (2016) is  Lords of the Fallen.  Gave this a download and try.  The knew the gameplay would be something like a Dark Souls.  Were the movement is slow.  The enemies are tough to kill.  Then there a lots of big boss battles.  Where they have four to five times the health you do.  Well that is pretty much what this game is.  There are lots of people that like this type of game.  But its not for me.

When the game first starts up get a few choices the of play style and gear.  You run around is some rooms talking out about ten or less smaller bad guys.  Then you run into a small boss.  Find a key.  In the new big room there is a huge boss with three or four times the health bar you have.  Tried to take him up but knew I would die pretty quickly.   Which I did.  Shut the game after that.  Sure the game looks good and all.   However this type of gameplay is not fun for me.


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