Battlefield 1 Beta

battlefield-_1There is an open beta gone on of for Battlefield 1.   Which as been running over a little under a week.   Have never played any of these Battlefield games.  Have seen lots of video and heard people talking about them.  The ideas a this huge map with a high number of players on this map.  Running around, using vehicles all sounds fun.  However these type of competitive shooters don’t hold my interest long.  Repeatedly dying and not making much progress is not much fun.   That being said this is an open beta so it doesn’t cost any thing to try but time.  Like the idea of the setting of World War One.

Played two half rounds and one full one.  There are two modes in the beta.  Only played the one were there are a bunch a different locations on the map which you must hold then defend to gain point for the team.  There is this back and fourth battle.  There are plans flying all around.  People in tanks and other armoured trucks.  Then there are horse.  Wanted to try one, but sadly never seen one to take.  The game looks really pretty.  The movement and controls felt really good.  However this is not a game for me.  Sure online shoots can be fun at times.  But for me this fun only last a few rounds and then I had enough for awhile.

The Beta ends September 8, 2016.

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